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it was a lack of understanding of the importance of the latino community. i think they don't understand how fast we're growing, how influential we have become and how politicians are now forced to respond to the issues that affect latinos. i think that they over saw that. i don't think they really paid attention. >> sometimes we are invisible and we are fighting so hard not to be invisible. the commission of presidential debates are stuck in the 1950s. they still think the country could be divided between men and women and that's it. they do not realize that one in every three persons in the united states is from a minority. they think it is okay it have an african-american president but they don't think it's okay to have an african-american or hispanic journalist as a moderator for the debates. what we did, it was our wonderful response to this oversight, this huge oversight. instead they didn't want to invite us to the party so we had our own party. >> and that party turned out pretty good. >> so, yeah, maybe. >> you mean the presidential forums you're having? >> yes. >> which came after you w
tied. which way colorado goes may well be determined by latino voters and we asked barry petersen to tell us more about that. >> i've already voted. >> oh, you've already voted. so there you go. >> reporter: the battle for the latino vote in colorado is being waged one house at a time. >> hello there! >> reporter: jesus altamirano works evening getting out the vote for a nonpartisan latino group. when you knock on the door, jesus, who are they leaning towards? >> a lot of individuals have been leaning towards obama. >> reporter: latinos are now at least 13% of the colorado electorate and favor president obama 2-1. nationwide, latinos make up about 9% of voters and are for mr. obama by more than 3-1. when a national politician talks about the latino vote, the prime topic is immigration. accurate or not accurate in terms of the sentiment? >> definitely not accurate. they are -- we are definitely looking more for jobs and health care, economy, public education. those are the issues that really are driving individuals to the polls. >> well, i support romney because of the economy. >>
resultados la tensión en la frontera continúa. y en san francisco, univisión. el voto latino. el voto latino será uno de los factores que decidan encuentre mitt romney y barak obama gana estas elecciones presidenciales del 6 de noviembre. los votantes latinos no pueden inclinar la balanza. y como nos informa jorge viera, en 3 estados los candidatos tienen un empate técnico y pustedes.resivamente el apoyo de >>> para tratar de conquistar el electorado latino en 3 estados como en evada, y la florida los demócratas han invertido 8 millones de dólares. los republicanos más de 4. muchos indicio s que el voto latino es crucial. una nueva encuesta que el presidente obama y mitt romney, libran una batalla reñida en estados indecisos. >>> en el estado de colorado, muestra que obama tiene un 47, 7% de la intención voto frente a un 47, 9% de romney. obama tiene un margen sobre el candidato republicano y en la florida romney lo a ventana por 3 puntos ambos partidos han puesto sus maquinarias a toda marcha. >>> no es cuestión de dinero, si no cuestión de esfuerzo llevamos más de un año y medio
latinos ha tenido un extraordinario incremento en la Última dÉcada. y en este momento, son aproximadamente el 4% del electorado. lourdes nos muestra el particular anÁlisis. >>> en la disputada virginia, los votantes hispanos pueden ser la llave al triunfo del presidente obama y otros demÓcratas. en el estado que antes fuera un bastiÓn conservador. el presidente le lleva una ventaja a romney, de mÍnimos de un punto. un empate estadÍstico segÚn un promedio de encuesta . >>> estamos esperando elecciÓn competitivas en virginia entonces, si 4% del voto es voto latino, ellos van a decir quien gana. >>> gran parte del apoyo a 0 bam se debe al tema migratorio segÚn la encuesta de latino decisiÓn. >>> el presidente obama en junio un amparo temporal entre los dreamers sunnyvale de apoyo, se incrementÓ a 66% en octubre, con solo 22% para mitt romney. >>> el entusiasmo por su candidatura aumentÓ tremendamente.. >>> los hispanos ya son 8, 2% de la poblaciÓn de virginia. >>> la inmigraciÓn y la economÍa, aqui son 2 cosas que van de la mano y verdaderamente la postura tan anti inmigrante de
por 1%. >>> si 4% del vot es voto latino, ellos van a decidir quien gana. >>> despues de que obama anuncio la ley de los dreamers el voto hispano aumentó. >>> el entusiasmo ha aumentado tremnendamente. >>> la inmigracion van dos cosas de la mano. tanto para presidente como para senador es por qué ñe vamos a dar el voto a ellois. >>> 64% contra 24% contra george allen. >>> en los ultimos diez años aumento. >>> estrategas, dicen que en virginia se está viendo votantes a favor de romney. >>> en arlingotn virgiina unvision. >>> el gobierno republicano no podra detener el voto, la corte suprema le nego la solicitud de voto anticipado. se demando restiturean todos los días. >>> hillary clinton recibio los hechos del incidente. >>> los miemrbos de seguridad de hillary clinton esta mañana en lima. >>> tomo responsabilidad, estoy cargio del departamento de estado. >>> hillary clinto está en lima pero con la cabeza en estados unidos. >>> y por eso puso úpàños frios antes el tema de libia cuando john biden dijo que no estaban al tanto de seguridad. >>> el presidente y el vice presi
, the president will go west. the latino vote is critical to nevada. when you got a dead heat race that either candidate could win, you're going to spend a lot of time and a lot of hours on the road and because you have to go from nevada to new hampshire to florida, got a lot of ground to cover. >> the president acknowledging how important the latino vote is. this is something the president told the des moines register, apparently kind of off the record, the quote now coming from an interview, a transcript of which the white house released just this morning, saying this is off the record, i will just be very blunt, should i win a second term, a big reason i will win a second term is because the republican nominee and the republican party have so alienated the fastest growing demographic group in the country, the latino community. so that acknowledgement there. he says it is off the record, it was his intent, it seems as though to be on the record as making it very notable that the latino vote is pivotal. >> this was an odd one, fred. the president called the editor and the top officials of des
constituencies that could alter the situation, particularly in florida. we're going to start with latinos here. we've got two recent polls that show a conflicting picture on who latinos in florida support for president. a miami herald florida international university poll shows obama beating romney by seven points. but a tampa bay times miami herald poll shows romney up by two points. so you're a member of romney's hispanic steering committee. what are you seeing on the ground as far as latino vote goes? >> the latino community has been hit really, really hard by this recession. if you look at, for example, children in poverty, the largest group of children in poverty are the hispanic latino children in the united states. poverty has increased among latinos. unemployment, frankly, is excessively high. there are no jobs. really in the entire country, and that also stands true for florida. so, when all the rhetoric is said and done, the question is, are -- do our grandchildren and our children deserve this? is this the best the united states can be? or do they deserve, and frankly do we deserve,
to the african-american and latino communities, which make up half of youngstown's 70,000 residents. most traditionally vote democrat. at a restaurant, we meet a 36- year-old who has already cast his vote via postal ballot. he is back in barack obama for a second term. am i really do not think that one person could really come along and changed the whole country. plus, when you have that much of a mess to clean up, you cannot express -- expected to push a magic button and have everything better in four years. >> many voters are more cautious about getting behind the obama campaign this time around. the race is still wide open in ohio. >> finally, a sports exhibit with a difference -- we are all used to super slow-motion replays of sports matches that usually focus on tackles or amazing shots. >> but what if you approach a sport with the eye of an artist? one exhibit in berlin shows a different side of the german national team. >> a german and dutch player, fierce opponents dancing in step, acrobatics on the field caught in a split second. germany's defender with artistic arms. moments tha
part has to do with having in front of you a very odd-looking sort of leprechaunish -- latino leprechaun. as a matter of fact, in my novel that margaret spoke about, about jazz, in it, billy farrell, who is one of a very large number of characters, is a jazz pianist and before he begins playing a black leprechaun appears to him, mr. mcginniss so you can assume it's the ghost of mr. mcginniss. as margaret said, in 1949 we came to the south bronx, which was an irish neighborhood, mostly. i was sort of a spaced-out kid, destined obviously to be a poet. i was this big at 13 and i was a good rollerskater and the kids were amazed and they befriended me. after a while, they recognized that i had some sort of athletic ability and because i was so spaced out, they mistook it for great courage and if they pushed me, i pushed them back. it was just like a game. so they took to me and asked me to join the shamrocks. i even changed my name from ed vega to ed mcveigh. and this is how they passed me off because most of the teams they played were other irish kids. this was a regular football
donde residen 69 mil latinos. >>> myriam pavÓn es co propietaria de este restaurante y tiene claro lo que quiere escuchar de los candidatos. >>> ojalÁ que el presidente se preste a poner un poco mÁs de atenciÓn a todo lo que ha prometido. >>> precisamente los ojos de la naciÓn estarÁn sobre el presidente. >>> vigor, listo, no creo que deje que el seÑor romney diga cosas que no son ciertas. >>> los asesores de romney dice que no se quedarÁ atras >>> va a enseÑar a quien mira que Él tienen tiende los problemas de estados unidos y sabe cÓmo arreglarlos. >>> despuÉs de perder su primer cara a cara obama ha visto reducir su ventaja en los estados claves y tambiÉn entre las mujeres. >>> tiene que presentar y transmitir que tiene confianza en si mismo y ser un poco mÁs agresivo y defender su posiciÓn. >>> de debate que tendrÁ lugar aquÍ se desarrolla en un estilo comunitar comunitario, la mayorÍa de las preguntas provienen de 80 votantes indecisos que participan esta noche y esto puede ser campo minado dice la analista. >>> nunca sabes quÉ tipo de pregunta una persona no la
trabajadora. residen casi 79 latinos de mÉxico, guatemala, el es el vard y otros paÍses. >>> miryam es copropietario de este restaurante y tiene claro lo que quiere escuchar de los candidatos en particular barack obama. >>> ojalÁ que el presidente se preste a poner un poquito mÁs de atenciÓn a todo lo que ha prometido >>> precisamente los ojos de la naciÓn estarÁn puestos sobre el presidente. >>> vigor, listo, no creo que vaya a dejar que el seÑor romney no digas cosas que son verdad doctora. dicen que no se quedara atrÁs. >>> va enseÑar a la gente que estÁ mirando y que entiende los problemas de estados estados unidos y sabe como arreglarlos. luego de perder su primer cara a cara con el ex gobernador obama vio reducir su ventaja en los estados claves. >>> y tiene que presentarse y transmitir, que tiene confianza en sÍ mismo y ser un poco mÁs agresivo, y defender su posiciÓn. >>> el debate tendrÁ lugar aquÍ, se desarrollara en un estilo comunitario o de town hall en inglÉs. las preguntas vienen de 80 votantes indecisos que vienen nominados >>> no sabe que tipa de pregunt
bank take better care of foreclosed homes in white neighborhoods than in black and latino neighborhoods? and is it happening where you live? >>> tigers versus giants. it's happening tonight. we'll talk to two of their former pitching greats. jack morris, i love him. >>> tropical storm watches up for the southeast coast of florida and maybe impacts across the entire east coast. forecast coming up. "newsroom" starts right now. >>> good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm carol costello. we begin with new revelations that could cast a large shadow on the presidential race 13 days before the election. they involve the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya and new questions about what the white house knew and when it knew it. as you might remember, the obama administration has been under fire for being slow to label the military-like siege an act of terrorism. four americans died in that attack, including the u.s. ambassador to libya, christopher stevens. here's the latest. cnn has obtained government e-mails showing that just two hours -- just two hours after the at
demographic groups in these final days. women, latino voters, and then, of course, getting out that early vote. soledad? >> and i'm sure that you expect to see more of all of this as we enter the final days. jessica yellin for us this morning. thank you, jessica, appreciate it. in a few moments, we'll be talking to congresswoman and dnc chairman, debbie wasserman schultz. she'll be weighing in on all of that. but first, john berman has a look at the day's top stories. >> all eyes on hurricane sandy, now starting to move into the florida straits. it slammed into cuba as a strong category 2 storm earlier this morning. two deaths now being reported, blamed on sandy. one in jamaica, another in haiti. meteorologist rob marciano is tracking sandy. rob, we want to know, is this coming our way. a powerful category 2 storm right now. >> in one way, shape, or form, it is. it's going to be a combination of things as we go forward. but first off, still a category 2 storm as it comes off the coast of cuba, into the bahamas. northerly movement at 18 miles an hour. 105 miles an hour sustained winds now. it w
% to 47% now, thanks in part to support from latino voters. >>> this is shaping up to be the most expensive election in u.s. history. the campaigns have raised more than $2 billion so far. the candidates' campaigns have brought in $1.7 billion of that money. the rest involved super pacs and nonprofit groups. it breaks down to $5 per voter. >>> a virginia congressman speaking out about the video that forces his son to resign from his campaign. the group project veritas posted this hidden camera video of his son patrick talking about how someone could vote illegally in virginia. the release of that tape forced him to resign from his father's campaign, and arlington police are now investigating possible voter fraud. in a statement, jim moran said in part, "i don't condone the actions of the right wing organization in question, but i recognize that this incident is teaching patrick a tough lesson. the conversation drifted into discussions that reflected a serious error in judgment that patrick wishes he could take back." >>> today family and friends will say good-bye to a prince georg
collection that's not mine, can affect you. >> reporter: the latino economic center is helps her solve the problem. he specializes in negotiating with credit companies to correct reports. >> it's a thin line between doors that open and doors that close. >> reporter: now the consumer financial protect bureau is supervising large companies like experian, equifax and transunion to make sure the complaints get solved. >> bad credit can block them from borrowing money at all. >> reporter: both transunion and experian say their reports are highly accurate. in a statement, transunion writes, our goals are to continually improve our processes. experian, we look forward to working with cfpb. >> it's nice. it's like given a second chance. >> reporter: it could make all the difference in her business dreams. the cfpb was created as a result of the consumer protection act of 2010. if you do have a problem with your credit, you still need to try to resolve that with the credit reporting company directly before going to the cfpb for help. danielle lee, nbc news. >>> disappointing study for women in
and professor of latin american and latino studies at the university of illinois in chicago. her books include "by heart/de memoria: cuban women's journeys in and out of exile" and "the lost apple: operation pedro pan, cuban children in the u.s., and the promise of a better future." professor, cuba has been a particularly tough place for its citizens to travel from, for some time. if you stay out of the country for more than 11 months you lose your right to residency. you lose your health care. is this a big change? >> i think it's a very significant change to the extent that this law, which was actually called the law of definitive abandonment, a very brave world, if you will, kind of description here. and the law prevented cubans from returning. initially it was actually 60 days. the 11 months comes much later. but in 1961 if you left for whatever reason and did not return within 60 days, you lost your home, your property, and your right to be returned to your family. so many families really have been divided by this law. now having said this, i think we need to really look at the overall co
-old man was walking to the mega latino market a few blocks from his home tuesday night. the next morning, guzman's son found him beaten and robbed, lying unconscious if a parking lot. he suffered a severe brain injury in the attack. >> i'm very sad. we are all in our family very sad. we still can't believe that this happened. we're just hoping that he's going to really recover completely, and so he can -- so he'll be able to tell us at least if he knows who did this to him. >> montgomery county police handed out fliers in the community in hopes of catching his attacker. >>> the national park per vis is working to try to solve an algae problem with the reflecting pool. crews drained the pool yesterday. when the pool is refilled, it will have different chemicals in it to try and prevent the algae from regrowing. the reflecting pool was closed for two years as part of a $34 million renovation project. >>> your time right now is 5:36. take a look at your tv screen. can you really say no to these faces? how you can help one of these dogs get a second chance at a good home. >>> plus, trying to
-47% right now, thanks in part to support from latino voters. >>> 5:05 is your time. today the virginia man accused of shooting a security guard at the family research council will be in court. earlier this week, 23-year-old floyd lee corkins was charged with terrorism for the acan at that -- attack. it's the first time anyone has been charged under this act. corkins has already pled not guilty in the first set of charges he faced. >>> this morning a man involved in a chase that killed a police officer in prince george's county is charged with vehicular manslaughter. kevin neal was charged on that, along with fleeing and eluding place. the officer crashed his car in august. he was chasing a man on i-95 they thought may have stolen a car. >>> today family and friends say good-bye to i aprince george's police officer killed in a car crash. kevin bowden died last thursday after an suv collided with his cruiser in clinton. st off duty at the time. the first viewing is tonight at 6:00 at lee's funeral home in clinton. he'll have another viewing tomorrow morning in temple hills before his funeral
in essays, and they can benefit students who are not poor orla -- or latino or black. there were black and latino students who are higher academic grades and not admitted in the same class in which she was denied admissions. i think the tough thing is that there's a larger pool of students who are qualified for admissions than can be offered admissions to every university so invariably, people are upset when they are not admitted, but it's not because race is considered # among the 12 things that are considered. >> host: mr. taylor? >> guest: i noticed earlier, towards a possible area of consensus, it's a sensitive topic for a long time, but if you seen some of the transparency idea we argued for in the brief and the book, we don't argue affirmative action, but a major remedy is make public how the system works. it's now very secret, very secret. no university voluntarily makes public how much weight it gives to race nor how well the people who are admitted with lower scores how well they do. if i was coming in from high school now, i'd want to know that sort of information before i de
certain extent, these laws are trying to prohibit blacks and latinos from voting, and whether that is true or not, no ni don't know. but that is why they say. these laws have been blocked in a lot of places for these reasons. host: charlene in milwaukee, wisconsin. democratic caller. caller: i am in my mid-50's, and i'm a democrat, retired. i have seen a lot of things that have happened in my lifetime -- civil rights, martin luther king, the whole bit. i have a real hard deal figuring out what is wrong with a lot of young blacks. because obama is in office, i guess they think that he is supposed to do everything. he is the president paid he is a black president, sure, but he is still the president. don't blame him for the misconceptions of having to have a black man in office and then being able to get a job. if obama was a white president, what would the issues truly be? i don't believe that the woman in mississippi by saying that 90% of an african-americans voted for id -- i think there must have been something attached to that amendment, or the voting bill that allowed blacks to vote fo
the fastest growing demographic group in the country, the latino community. do you agree? >> here is what i love about that statement. first of all, i love the way you say latino community. yes, the republican party has a lot of work to do in terms of communicating and connecting with the hispanic community to suggest that we care, we get it and we have policies that are going to be advantageous for the hispanic community. on the other hand, do you notice the president didn't say i'm going to win because i've done anything for the hispanic community. instead, he said, i'm eve going to win because they suck. >> do you agree with that? >> no, no. >> our agreement ended right there. i don't know why the president thought he needed to say that off the records. it sounds exactly like what he's been saying all along and what we as democrats have been saying all along. that's that the president has a great record on issues that are important to all the minority communities. that is part of where he comes from, not all of where he comes from, but that is part of his experience as a person. and the
is a republican strong hold, and a latino votes and president obama visiting iowa, sources say he loved and really wants to win iowa, what's going to happen there? >> and these two states are nip and tuck and the polling shows these states very, very close, iowa has been the recipient of more than any per capita spending by the obama campaign, the democrats had a 2 point advantage in the absentee ballot request, in colorado and this time the republican. pretty big swing. iowa they've had a machine for the absentee, 18 point advantage, somewhat larger, this time around a 13 point advantage which looks more like it was in 2000 and 2004, bush 0 won it in 2004, narrowly lost the state in 2000 so the republicans have done a much better job on the absentee ballot requests. >> let's go to nevada, new hampshire and wisconsin, and what is your wisdom, why are they important? >> all three are in contention and movement. paul ryan, the vice-presidential nominee from wisconsin, vice-presidential nominees generally don't have a national impact, but political science literature 2 to 3% in their states. wisconsi
older, that they reminded me of the clear truth. there were blacks, whites, latinos and asians. there were a gay folks and street books all marching for justice in america. they told me that you need to remember this from the beaches of normandy were there were black folks and white folks and gave the colts. you need to remember this. when people were fighting to expand, it everybody involved. we knew we were all in it together. deep and real african proper was true. if you want to go fast you go alone, if you want to go far you go to get there. -- together. so now it is time we go together. the dream of america is still just as urgent. this is still just as real. we are not finished with this nation yet. the word of our founders, liberty and justice for all, are still as operational as long as there is a person in this country that does not enjoy the same rights as their brother or their sister when it comes to voting rights, when it comes to marriage rights, when it comes to civil rights. when it comes to social security and tax law and visitation and adoption as long as ther
even if the federal law doesn't require it. the law's been sharply criticized by the latino community especially in arizona and the fact that the court has decided to hear it is a bit of a surprise. but the court is not going to decide this until next year and we know that this law is not going to be in effect for the upcoming election this november. >> all right. thanks for clearing all of that up. breaking news out of the supreme court. >>> months of speeches, rallies, promises, political ads and yet a lot of your friends and neighbors out there still don't know what they're going to do on election day. they are the magical undecided. find out what it is they want, what they expect to hear tonight, and whether this second presidential debate's going to make any difference to them at all.ill ubbed . [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! thanks. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go,
to a latino families, they want the same things we all want. i want to make sure they have a job and job security. they want to have access to affordable health care. they are interested in passing the dream act to allow kids that came here through no fault of their own and they're going to college or are serving in our military to have it passed a legal status. he voted against that act. what he is saying is that if you come back, we will support you. i am in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and i have never heard my opponents say that before. i think it is discriminatory and unconstitutional. that is the difference between us. >> we can agree that we need immigration reform in this country. but perhaps the greenback is not the way to get that done. republicans and democrats have to come together to solve this problem. talking about serving the military, i think you should have a pathway to citizenship. if you are working on your education, we should put you in the queue. there are ways of solving this problem. it is not black and white or else we would have solved the problem
it was a desperate attempt to shore up latino support. that's from the "washington times." but also right that romney is seeking to gain among early voters. the race is on to get early voters who are starting to go to the polls now. another headline from the wall street journal -- and here's a story looking at financial news and how that affects campaign 2012 -- and gas prices, california gas prices are expected to relax. they have had high prices recently and the governor has called for an early winter blend fuel. starting today and every tuesday up to election day we will get electoral scoreboard updates from a variety of publications. today features the wall street journal electoral map. a political reporter is joining us from the wall street journal. colleen? guest: first, we can see which states are swing states. we have at 8. a fairly small number of states up for grabs. within those states you can look at several measures. it's important to understanding the state's as we talk about the economy and the national economy and it's important to look at the economy within each of these dates so you
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 65 (some duplicates have been removed)